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Hi, I'm Victoria Mei


It's been over 2 years since I've exposed to fundamentals of coding. I'm Full Stack Software Developer specialize in Front-End Development(FED), some other relevant Skills I have include Ruby on Rails, SQL and SEO.

I also love creating video content on web development trends and coding tutorials & tips on social media including Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Medium.

Take a look at my projects, watch videos & blogs.



Digital Content Creating


Film Making


Exploring & Travelling





I specialize building applications in Javascript with React.Recently I became also a huge fan of one-way data flow, Redux-like architecture.

    Back-End? my current stack involves Ruby On Rails and SQL or alternatively NodeJS.

    Currently I am learning with NOSQL and GraphQL.

    DevOps, Design, UI? I have built and deployed a few websites through Heroku & GitHub Pages.

    Collaborated with UX/UI designers that drove authetic user experience.


html CSS sass Materialize


react redux javascript node


ruby rails sql


github git html html

Selected Projects

Feel free to ask me any questions. I can help you with your project from start to finish from UX/UI to deployment.

Come learn more about me and my work through my tech facebook group and Instagram community @vickysdailystandup

devNote screen shot
  • Authentications For Users. Simply create an account with password to log in.
  • Create, Update, Delete Notes with Rich Text Editor. Simply create an account and log into our landing page
  • Auto Saving. Auto saving, currently set to auto save after 5 seconds stop typing on editors.
  • Code Snippet Syntax highlights with Coding Languages. Customize your coding languages and themes on your coding snippet sandbox.
  • Exporting Notes and Codes. download your codes and notes with one click
  • Built with JavaScript and Materialize CSS for front-end to create interactive animations.
  • Managed and store questions in the back-end with Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL.
  • Bonus ending credit with interactive animation inspired from
brewery finder
Brewery Finder
  • Vanilla Ruby and SQLite with Active Record to create full CRUD functionality for users.
  • Integrated brewery DB API to obtain local breweries information.
  • + Added command line art and music and to provide authentic user experience.

Oh, and this portfolio website 😉

Contact Me


I am available for hire and open to any ideas of cooperation.